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, the events start in 48 hours. and the blue angels show on saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. kron 4's grant lodes has more. >>> the blue angels are bay area bound. the fleet week celebration starts this wednesday, october 3. the blue angels take to the skies the next day, thursday, october 4, with a practice session from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. on friday, october 5, another blue angels practice. this from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon. saturday signals the start of the anticipated weekend activities. 11:00 a.m. ships. last year kron 4 was the only station aboard the aircraft carrier. >> from the uss carl vincent. leading the parade of ships under the golden gate bridge. part of fleet week. you see the sailors manning the rails. >>> the air show is both saturday october 6 and sunday oct7 from 1230 -- october 7 from 12:30 p.m. the blue angels from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. saturday and sunday afternoon. sunday features an america's cup race from 1:50 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon and kron 4 will be there to cover it all. grant lodes, kron 4 news. >> kron 4 is bringing you the blue angels s
week kicks off and will have the blue angels had on the air shows saturday, sunday on the waterfront. and the anticipated bluegrass festival is friday, saturday, sunday on golden gate park. also look for the italian heritage parade. and the castro street district in dimension the giants play off? we do not know what time or the playoff teams but we do know that they will play on saturday sunday at 49ers at candlestick park. city officials say the best bet is public transportation. fifth there will be additional service available and also, the bike coalition saying that there will be a special bike route and free secure bike parking at many of these events. and now chief south bay stanford hosting arizona and the material girl herself, don it is going to be at c h p pavilion saturday, sunday. and madonna. and also justin biever will be at the oracle theater. cal football on saturday night and do not forecast there's the possibility of the playoff at the coliseum of the oakland a's. get ready. plenty to choose from. >> thank you. and after the blue angels they have already wrapped up t
to see happen. the blue angels are also in timtomtown .f they're normally six jets but four have arrived and the other two are still on the way. there will be in a hangar near the executive turmoil at sfo. tomorrow and friday they will be practicing and on saturday and sunday at the team will be performing their fleet week routine between 3 and 4:00 p.m.. lots to look for and you get the best seat in the house which is you're all collegown couch. you can gel the sights and sounds from the comfort of your living room here at kron4 at 3:00 p.m. on saturday. >> we're looking at a cool down today. >> a lot of people are looking forward to it we broke some records yesterday but a lot cooler today. it will still be beach whether maybe not bikini whether you'll probably need shorts and a tank top. the mt. tam camp shows a relatively clear start to the morning. at 62 in oakland 54 out the door in about zero currently. future cast for says by lunchtime it will be the time of the outdoors. '70s and '80s all across the bay. we will get a couple of degrees as we head into your afternoon highs and wi
go later on in the day with the practicing of the blue angels. so you are going to see them around 1:00. that is when you can start looking in the air and they will do a couple of passes. around 3:00 they will start doing some practice maneuvers as well. let's show you video of them from last year. this is what is going to be a very busy weekend. of course they will be doing a show on friday, saturday and sunday. aside from the blue angels, the headliners, you also have a bunch of other aircraft that are going to be doing a show. that starts earlier in the day. so really all the shows start at 12:30, starting saturday for the next three days. then on top of all the air shows you have the parades of ships. other military ships will come in under the golden gate bridge, parked by pier 80. people can go on the ships for free, to view them, and that is going to be available to the public all weekend long, saturday, sunday and monday. so very busy here in the city this weekend. >> interesting. the ships will be parked. the parking for people will be tough. so they are recommending you tak
week. sir, yes, sir! with the blue angels! then there's the castro street fair. are you going to be there, naked guy? >> yeah. >> hardly strictly bluegrass 10,000 at golden gate park ♪ >> there's going to be hundreds of thousands again if not more than a million people converging on the city. >> reporter: sounds like a traffic nightmare. >> please, please, we urge you to take public transportation. >> reporter: one problem could arise here. now, with all due respect, you're talking a lot about public transportation. muni is not very good these days. that's not just an opinion. our transit system is on time little more than half the time. it's short 160 drivers. buses break down and can't make the runs, which go unfilled. >> i'm optimistic about this weekend? >> really? >> we are investing in the infrastructure which is the buses, the tracks, the trains, the traffic flow. and they are going to get better. >> reporter: this is the type of weekend lots of people get on muni for the first time and form opinions. muni is throwing everything it has at the weekend, which begs the
:00 this morning. >>> at noon you will hear the roar of the blue angels as they begin practice. today a national aviation area from the bay area will be onboard. captain sully sullenberger will be a passenger in blue angel number 7. part of the flying team arrived yesterday. captain sullenberger was chosen to be a special inflight guest for his extraordinary skill in safely landing his stricken commercial airliner in new york's hudson river. all pangs were okay. fleet week busy time for the coast guard and the 65 police and auxillary boats will help out. coast guard practiced yesterday they expect 2,000 private boats on the water this weekend for activities. today you can watch the marines conducting rescue training drills at ocean beach using an amphibious hovercraft at 10:00 in morning along the great highway at balboa drills and demonstrations continue through the noon hour. >>> you can check out the hardly strictly bluegrass festival or columbus parade, castro street fair in san francisco, this weekend will be a traffic headache with hundreds of thousands of people packing into the city. we
when we come back more in a minute porifera >> and were back at 4: 4444 >> the blue angels are bay area bound. the fleet week celebration officially starts this wednesday october 3rd. the blue and orange stick to the skies the next day thursday october 4th with a plasti practice session another session will be from 3 to 4 in the afternoon. saturday signals the much anticipated weekend actinic titty the parade of shi--kron 4 was the only station above the lead aircraft carrier last year. >> as you look down uc of the sailors that in the rails. meanwhile the airshow is set a october 6th and sunday october 7th from 1230 to 4:00 p.m. each day the real area acrobatics happened in the blue angel show off their moves. that's from 3 to 4 vote saturday and sunday afternoon also worth noting sunday will feature an america's cup race in san francisco bay from 1: 5022: 30 in the afternoon. kron 4 will be there to cover dog. >> and once again kron 4 will give you the best seat in the house to watch the most exciting of sense of a fleet week its blue angels live sponsored by jeep as part of san franc
. with the blue angels, then there's the fair. are you going to be there? >> yeah. >> and bluegrass, golden gate park. >> there's going be hundreds and thousands again, if not more than a million people converging on the city. >> sound, muni is not very good. >> that's not just an opinion. on time a little more than-the time. it's short 160 drivers. they go unfilled. >> i'm optimistic about this weekend. >> really? >> investing in the infrastructure, which is the buses, the track, the trains, the traffic flow. and they're going to get better. >> this is the type of weekend lots of people get on muni. throwing everything in fans. which begs the question. >> you can do it for a weekend, why can't you do it every day? >> to sustain that level of activity, to osteopathy those extra vehicles. >> are you going to the game sunday? >> yes. >> how are you getting to the game? >> we car pooled. >> might be the smartest way out there. >> is you heard the term? mike, cbs 5. >> a quick followup, yes, i'm talking about the naked guy. when it comes to nudity in public. thankfully. a measure int
for the weekend's air show is already in town. the blue angels arrived yesterday. the navy's precision flying team is set to practice tomorrow. following that, plu angels. -- blue angels. they will have a meet an greet. >>> and we have a crew in san jose, following the shooting involving the san mateo transit officer. we may have the latest what may have caused it on the 10:00 news. >>> the cost not the morality of california's suspended death penalty. >>> of course, the oakland a's. what a fan fantastic season. tonight, the a's could say they are the western division champs in the american league. >> mitt romney was on the attack. like always we want to thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter.
. check it out. live pictures. you know who is in town. it's the blue angels right there headed to sfo. you can see them right there careening right across the top of your screen. of course it fleet week. you can't have fleet week without having the famed blue angels. the navy pilots are headed to sfo. they're going to land in just a few minutes. they'll start practicing their position maneuvers over the bay area skies thursday afternoon 1:00 to 5:00. keep your eyes up, look out and plug your ears. they'll be dazzling crowds at the fleet week air show on friday, saturday and sunday. showing off the goods as they do every time they're in town. about a million people expected to be watching over those three days looking up at the sky and being able to see the magic that they do over san francisco. very exciting. and then they're going to do a meet and greet at pier 39 on friday night. for right now, check it out. the best of the best right over the bay area. >>> they show up and then you pay up apparently. the investigative unit first exposed elected officials raking in fees for making p
weather in the forecast. if you are heading out this weekend to watch the blue angels coverage. it looks like it will be fog in the early morning hours. some sunshine may be in the afternoon. >> it will be cooler conditions for tomorrow and by the weekend it may be some rain fall. the rain changes increase as we head into next week. >> there is already a backup at the metering lights. right now we are looking at a 14 minute drive time coming out of the macarthur maze. it is still a pretty good drive time and it is about 11 to 12 minutes. your commute for the golden gate bridge and 1 01 south bond is still about 23 to 25 minutes. let's take a look at what is on on on the south bay freeway. they're starting to pick up a little bit of slowing. the drive time is now at 19 minutes. 85 and the west valley freeways still looks ok no delays here. darya >> a fire in oakland since four people some place else to live. they are going to have to stay at a hotel. about 1:00 p.m. at an apartment building. the firefighters were here to make sure that there were no more hot spot in the inside. this was a
october 6, 2003 in the afternoon for the best show blue angels flying over the bay. >> still ahead on the kron for morning you news the white house net work hacked more on the investigation next. and the hot temperatures continue as take a look at the walnut creek area and a lot more sunshine and livermore. by noon will be 94 and a high of 100 and only cooling down to 89 by 8:00 tonight. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not goin
to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. >> we will be back. the big story is the heat and this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. 61 in hayward it is going to see those temperatures, skyrocket. 93 degrees " was a scorcher over the weekend yesterday it was hot. all metal slide that sought one! >> to school law for water like this kid is not in the lord's park in san francisco. a little water gunfight the young and old and a joincan enjoy that. >> did you turn on the air condition if you have it or hop in the shower and take a cold shower or bath. it is going to be a hot one today we could even set some records. >> that's right there are especially in livermore. comp forecasting 101 but 1 02 is-and the record setting high back in 1952 of the then that i don't think we will break any records. we are seeing a note of charles manson and because of the attendees will not be as high as in years past. >> we won't see any clouds and the forecast later this afternoon and we don't have anything to keep the schools. 54 in novato 57 over concord and we're going to heat things
angels. the navy's precision flight team flew in about 6:30 this afternoon. the blue angels are the attraction of the show. the pilots and fighter jets will be practicing over the bay and san francisco on thursday and friday. their performances are scheduled on saturday and sunday assumes there's no fog or cloud cover. we posted information about fleet week and the exact time when the blue angels will be performing. you will also find other events like the bluegrass music festival. >>> heartbreak today for the owners of a farm. >> what she said is we have 15 days from today to remove all our personal belongings. >> the eviction note that has them searching for a permanent home for dozens of miniature horses. >> a reversal today three months after a controversial ban on pot club. what triggered the about face in los angeles. >> those amazing a's have done it again. another big win tonight sets up a show down tomorrow in the final game of the season. details in six minutes. iw >>> a homeowner in eastern contra costa county says he is grateful that a burned out garage and car i
after a ride with the blue angels. in 2009 he safely landed a damaged jet in new york's hudson river. he was delighted with the opportunity to meet the blue angels today and fly with them. what a rush that must have been. >>> of course, the blew angels are not the only military might you will see this weekend. heather ishimaru with a look tonight at impressive military hardware which arrived today. >> reporter: this amphibious navy craft came slashing into san francisco's ocean beach from a carrier 8 miles out. it was carrying heavy equipment that could help san francisco recover after a natural disaster or terror attack. >> this is an incredible example of the kind of activities that may have to happen and the more we practice it the more we will be ready for it. >> reporter: it was a joint army navy drill and an opportunity to remind san franciscoians that they do humanitarian mixes along with military. >> what you see here today onboard this craft is just a single demonstration but certainly the craft can replenish itsself back to the ship numerous times. >> reporter: arriving by sea
, blue angels over the weekend we'll have sunshine, but onshore flow and temperatures feeling more like october. >>> still got system wide delays with bart due to earlier problem between the macarthur and 19th street station with stalled maintenance vehicle. 5 to 15 minute delays system wide as they are recovering that is beginning to improve significantly. westbound 580 at 680 earlier accident off to the shoulder, very, very slow out of the central valley, reporting road sensors, 30 minute delays towards the dublin pleasanton interchange slow north 101 old oakland back to tully due to accident lane three, slow traffic highway 87 would be your alternate here. new problem south 880 at llewellyn just getting word of another accident south 880 at 92, there goes your nimitz commute through hayward. look at the waze app this morning, i'm showing you the 680 corridor between walnut creek and the 24 interchange, you can see very, very, abc 7 waze traffic spotters, very heavy towards highway 24 no major stalls or accidents. if you would like to download this waze app to get around traffic espec
for fleet week, this year it will show case the blue angels along with a parade of ships that will be open for tourists. at a ceremony today mayor ed lee emphasized the role the military plays in keeping our nation secure. >> the world isn't safe. there are a lot of things happening, we have to always be ready. >> fleet week starts on thursday but the blue angels arrive tomorrow with plans to land in formation at san francisco international airport in the afternoon. >> california is the first state to ban a form of psychotherapy that tries to cure gay teenagers. it prohibits conversion therapy for those under 18. it takes effect january 1. groups say it will make it difficult for parents to get treatment. the boy scouts of america plan to bring the names of sex abusers to the police. they will look for more offenders. this comes ahead of a court ordered release of the files. it keeps keeps sex abusers out out of the organization. >>> there are reports that three u.s. troops and their translator were among 14 people killed today in afghanistan. it happened to the south of coble. a spokesper
enrollment is lower than expected. it will save the district 1.2 million dollars. >>> friday, blue angels will making practice runs for fleet week. don't be alarmed if you say helicopters and they are going to be participating in a disaster response exercise. this morning a hoover craft will be landing on ocean beach and traffic could be rerouted in that area so be aware. and we have posted a schedule of events including when the blue angels will be performing. >>> sal, let's take everyone where they need to go, sal? >>> we don't have a lot going on which is great just to start off the morning with not a lot of major problems and northbound looks good for the drive and on 680, livermore, the whole thing, it is getting crowded and we are seeing scattered brake lights, gets go back to dave and pam. >>> more disruptions at oakland city hall. >> what mother would not want to know what happened to their baby the night he died. >> a mother is demanding answers about the shooting that took her sons' life. >>> why this fire was really tough to control. >> it was on the coast, it will be cooler to
. >>> the blue angels arrive in san francisco tonight kickoff fleet week the team will arrive 6:15 into sfo the jets will be rehearsing around the bay you will hear them before you see them. that is just one of many vents in san francisco. there is -- also the hardly strictly bluegrass festival oracle world features pearl jam concert, italian heritage parade north beach, castro street parade, giants, 49ers at home my sister said there are two cruise ships in saturday. >> couple thousand more why not. >> don't forget a's hosting the rangers at the coliseum tonight >>> warm out there interesting thing is they are practicing for the america's cup and things are going to be different by the time the races take place. winds, choppy seas. bay now calm as we look to the east from south beach this morning. let's take a couple more looks just so beautiful, santa cruz already folks in the water there, temperature was 100 yesterday in santa cruz. yesterday for about a handful of bay area cities, the warmest day this year. the rest of us back on june 16th. today is going to be close. live doppler 7 hd,
that blue angels show there. and get more information about that and the rest of the festivities in san francisco, go to ktvu.com and look for the hot topic section and there is a lot going on. >> a lot going on. >> uh-huh. >> you always warn drivers to be careful. >> keep your eyes on the road. >> keep your eyes on the road. we keep our eyes on sal. >> traffic is doing well around the bay area. as a matter of fact, looking at at the bay bridge, which is normal, for this time of the morning this is not unusual to have a big back up. it has become the new normal for this traffic to be backed up for a 25 to 30 minute they but no problems on the bridge. an earlier stalled vehicle, they removed that. bart is back on time by the way according to bart after earlier delays. this is north and southbound 101. we have congestion here on southbound 101 right there at the 80 split as you can see on the right-hand-side of your screen. >>> san jose. northbound 101 heavy traffic and 280 taking a beating downtown as people want to get into cupertino and sunnyvale and it is busy and 85 is slow through l
's finals in september, right here in san francisco. >>> at the same time, the blue angels will cruise into town and fleet week they arrive around 6:15 flying in formation into sfo they will be joined by ships and sailors from around the world. mayor lee kicked off fleet week yesterday. >> seeing the blue angels fly and practice and the parade of ships that we have -- >> this is probably the best week i've seen in my 36 years as door man. >> hardly -- also the hardly strictly bluegrass festival in golden gate park, oracle open world, private pearl jam concert on treasure island, italian heritage parade and castro street fair, giants in the playoffs and 9ers home. >> you can navigate around all these events or your usual traffic jam with waze, abc7's free traffic app, waze will reroute you around any major issues. you can download it free from abc7news.com/waze. if case you are planning your weekend when to watch the giants they will open up their playoff at home saturday against either cincinnati or washington. with all those events going on the whole weekend will be a lot of traffic.
is being called one of the deadliest for hong kong. here later, you can watch the blue angels fly. it is all ahead of fleet week which kicks off and blue angels will be practicing thursday and friday and they will be performing hopefully because there is no fog. >> crowds will also be enjoying america's cup style one of many events happening in the city this week. crowds are expected to turn out for the bluegrass festival, the oracle world conference, the street fair and the 49ers are playing and the italian heritage parade is on and the police say their whole staff will be working. muni will be extending services and 100 extra taxies will be out on the streets. >>> let's check in with sal. >>> a quick look at the toll plaza, it is backed up and in san francisco northbound 280 and we have a crash in al maim my. >>> and two people dead, even an innocent teenager is caught in the crossfire. >>> we have a destructive house fire in vallejo, we will be right back. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what
you will hear the roar overhead of the blue angels. today a national aviation hero from the bay area will be onboard. former us airways captain sully sullenberger will be a passenger in blue angel number 7. part of the flying team arrived yesterday. captain sullenberger was chosen for his extraordinary kill in landing his cripple commercial airliner in hudson river safely. he gets to choose youngsters to fly as well. >> fleet week busy time for the coast guard and 65 police and auxillary boats will help. they practiced rescued yesterday at yerba buena island. they expect 2,000 private boats to be on the water for fleet week activities. drills at ocean beach using an amphibious hovercraft beginning 10:00 this morning. drills and demonstrations will continue through the noon hour. >>> check out the hardly strictly bluegrass festival or the columbus parade, castro street fair. this weekend will be a traffic headache with hundreds of thousands of people packing into san francisco. we have a map at abc7news.com where you can click on each event to see how to avoid some of the traffic hot
. >>> the blue angels, the navy's precision flight demonstration team will make their way to the bay area tonight. >> they are always fun. the blue angels scheduled to perform for the fleet week airshow saturday and sunday due to arrive at sfo about 6:15 tonight. >>> practice racing on the water set to begin at 4:00 this afternoon for the america's cup world series yacht race. the actual competition is set for thursday through sunday. the america's cup village set up at the little marina green on marina boulevard in san francisco. so you better do a little walking this weekend. >> no kidding. >> it's going to be crowded everywhere. >>> in the next half hour, first duchess kate now prince william. the latest twist in the royal nude photo scandal. >> plus their wildest dreams coming through. the as clinch the big play-off spot for the first time in six years. the unlikely road to victory coming up. >> reporter: we're live in vallejo where a house fire damages half of the house. i just spoke with the people inside. we'll tell you the one valuable thing one of the occupants tried to save. ,, ,, ,,, w
" traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >>> the blue angels will be in the bay area tonight. look to the sky this weekend. the blue angels are scheduled to perform for fleet week over the weekend saturday and sunday. they are due to arrive at the san francisco airport about 6:00 tonight. of course, the america's cup is scheduled to get under way thursday through the weekend too. so it's going to be a crazy weekend. >> lots going on in the city. i know. >>> okay. a big black bear no match for this woman. >> youtube video shows her getting that big black bear off her big porch. here she is. >> let me go in your office because he might come after me. >> get down, right now, go. no, no. no! down! [ laughter ] >> did you ever see throw mama from the train? >> reminds me of my mom. >> this is apparently the same black bear that visited the grillo home a number of times. and the bear responds apparently. he knows her. they have six other videos of the bear on the deck. and i think he is coming back for seconds. that's a big boy. >> get off my porch! [ laughter ] >> all right. >>> time 6
emu. >>> this afternoon, the blue angels will begin practicing above san francisco bay. >> look to the skies. scheduled to perform in the air on saturday and sunday but today and friday they are going to do some practice sessions around 12:30 to 4:00. blue aingels will take off from oakland airport and airport officials are telling neighbors to expect noise levels. fleet week could create gridlock over the weekend as well as the america's cup series. the hardly strictly bluegrass festival starts friday at golden gate park. throughout the weekend, the giants are playing a couple of play-off games and 9ers hosting the bills on sunday at candlestick park. for more information on the events go, to cbssf.com/weekend. and traffic-wise, bart is a really good option. >> yeah. no kidding. but bart saw some delays this morning, gianna. >> in fact i have better news to report. things are better. we are now hearing that only residual delays of 5 to 15 minutes. so up to an hour at one point this morning. things are definitely getting back on track. that morning commute starting to heat up. h
and america's cup activities there is 1:00 blue angels will be doing practice. and people starts gathering for america's cup races which began after 5:00 p.m. there is partly cloudy skies and there is chilly and temperatures dropping into there is decent weather coming up. >> just ahead, a news anchor takes the stand. >> the and what happened that made this anchor become a story. >> the first to battle the sexes at the dry cleaners. coming up i'll answer your questions including one about how much a dry cleaner can charge you. >> and there is police with answers for the family of a recent officer-involved shooting and the way president ob yaum would have irks tv news anchor is being applauded to her response for criticism about her weight. she's a morning anchor in wisconsin. and she spends her career reporting news and now, she's making it for her response to an e mail from a man who criticized her weight. livingston, who has a thyroid condition making it tough to lose weight responded on the air. >> surely you don't consider yourself a suitable example for young people, girls in particul
:00. tomorrow and friday, the blue angels will make practice runs for fleet week. as part of fleet week, military and local emergency management officials will be participating in a disaster response exercise. this morning a hover craft will be handing -- will be landing on ocean beach. fleet week officially kicks off tomorrow at ktvu.com. we posted a schedule of events including a -- including the exact time when the blue anjeles will be reporting -- blue angels will be reporting. >>> big news from the as. what the team just tolded you a few minutes ago -- told us a few minutes ago. it's about tonight's game. when we describe our yogurt. tillamook yogurt has no high fructose corn syrup. no artificial sweeteners. no artificial colors and no artificial flavors. that's no, no, no and... no. of course, sometimes no is a good thing. >>> welcome back. this afternoon's oakland as game would be the most anticipated as game of the year. right now, people are lining unat the coliseum box office. alex savidge is there now. the team just announced something a couple of minutes ago. what did they s
victims in a driveway. the 65-year-old suspect is now under arrest. >>> this afternoon the blue angels will fly above the san francisco bay. they are scheduled to perform in the airshow on saturday and sunday. today and friday, they will hold practice sessions from 12:30 to 4:00 all around the bay area. and hopefully it will be clear enough to see them. let's find out. the weekend is almost here. >> we can see the low clouds and fog over mount vaca. we are going to expect a mix of sun and clouds by this afternoon. and a much cooler day on tap as well because of that sea breeze and a low just off the coast. so cooling trend on the horizon. only warming up to 60s around the coast and bay. 70s to low 80s inland. so it's going to be cooler still by this weekend and then a slight chance of rain by monday. gianna has a check of your "timesaver traffic" coming up next h next. ,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> good morning. look at the backup at the san mateo bridge. this is due to an accident near the toll plaza. also reports of a problem on the bridges. so slow and go westbound as you work your way towards
of an incredibly busy weekend across the bay. stunning. the u.s. navy blue angels will arrive in formation at san francisco international airport. they are here to take part in this week's fleet week. fleet week starts wednesday and runs through sunday. it is just part of the very busy weekend in san francisco. there are also two giants playoff games. at least one a's playoff game and a 49ers game. the america's cup also starts and the castro street fair. which one will we do? we will look at the forecast and the roads after the break. >>> welcome back. 10:28 and temperatures are soaring. it is already 70 in san francisco. we will keep climbing for the next four hours. 78 degrees in fairfield. traditionally, your coastal cities stay cool. we will let you know when the heat breaks today at 11:00. >>> an accident cleared at 280 and 17. 17 is the focus as people make the get away to the coast. not great, but better than here for temperatures. we will look at fremont at 880. southbound is congested toward mission boulevard. slow off dakota and the bay bridge toll plaza. it is starting to lighten up.
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